Pasta and sauce

Olive leaves and Puttanesca Sauce

Olive leaves pasta

In the video all the steps to make the green pasta “Olive leaves” and the  tradition tasty Puttanesca sauce. 

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Tagliolini and Truffle sauce

truffle tagliolini

In the video all the steps to make the flour and eggs pasta “Tagliolini and Truffle sauce”.

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Pezzetelli with beans and broccoli sauce

pezzetelli beans and broccoli

In the video all the steps to make the pasta “Pezzetelli” and the  traditional beans and broccoli sauce. 

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Pasta Doughs

Green Arugula Dough

green arugula dough

Learn how to maker the Green Arugula dough. With this dough you can make all the pasta shapes made with semolina and water.

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White flour and Eggs Dough

flour and eggs dough

Learn how to make the white flour and eggs dough. This is the dough to make lasagne, tagliatelle, garganelli and filled pasta.

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Semolina and water Dough

semolina and water dough

Learn how to make the semolina flour and water dough. This is the dough to make orecchiette, strozzapreti, pazzerelli and trofie.

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Pasta shapes

Olive leaves

olive leaves

It is a pasta shape made with semolina flour and water ( in the video is made with a green dough) inspired by the shape of olive leaves.

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Tagliolini are noodles similar to tagliatelle pasta. Long and paper-thin, they are usually less than 3 millimeters in diameter. The dough used to make this pasta typically includes eggs.

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Pezzetelli are lil fingerprint pasta hails from Puglia and is typically made with a semolina flour and water dough

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The word farfalle means butterflies in Italian and is commonly referred to as bow tie pasta because of its shape.
Farfalle are made with four and eggs dough.

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Puttanesca Sauce

puttanesca sauce

It is a  sauce invented in Naples in the mid-20th century and made typically with tomatoes, olive oil, olives, chili peppers, capers, and garlic

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Truffle Sauce

truffle sauce

For this truffle sauce you need a black truffle patè and black truffle Carpaccio. if you want you can buy in my site

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Beans and broccoli sauce

beans broccoli sauce

You’ll love this simple Mediterranean sauce, prepared with hearty white beans and broccoli florets, cooked with olive oil shallots, anchovy and lemon. A good handful of freshly grated Paremsan cheese finish this light and flavorful sauce.

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Arugula pesto

Arugula Pesto

Homemade pesto is one of the best ways to enjoy a bounty of fresh arugula. This pesto recipe uses walnuts , garlic, Parmesan or Romano cheese, and extra virgin olive oil. Make it in just 15 minutes!

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