Online Cooking Classes - Live from Italy by Let's Cook in Umbria
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Authentic Online Cooking classes from Italy to your Home


Live online cooking classes with Raffaella, by Let’s Cook in Umbra, to bring the authentic Italian recipes in your kitchen.
Cook Italian recipes in the comfort of your home, interacting with me to prepare delicious  dishes for your family and friends!
If you can’t come to our cooking school in Umbria ( Let’s Cook in Umbria), I will come into your home!

Connecting with a real Italian cooking teacher in real time from the comfort of your kitchen is like travel and learn another culture while stay in you home with your family and friends.


You will meet me on your smartphone or using a webcam on your computer. We will cook together and you can stop me and ask questions during the cooking whenever you are confused or curious. The dishes you will prepare with Raffaella’s guide are the most traditional of Italy and based on seasonal and fresh ingredients.

The class is designed for everyone who wants to enjoy a cooking class at home, having a great time learning the authentic Italian cuisine.


Joining in my live online cooking class is like having me in your kitchen with you as you cook.


What you need

  • a portable device with a camera, audio and broadband internet connection.
  • download and install the Zoom Application ( I will send you instructions)


In the class the participants get to prepare from scratch a 3 courses meal under my real time instruction: appetizer, first course, and dessert.




  • Learn the best techniques to make handmade pasta (and sauces) with the Italian chefs Raffaella from Let’s Cook in Umbria in Perugia
  • Hear the history of this food – including the various types of pasta and sauces found at the heart of every Italian kitchen
  • Get a background on the traditional tools and ingredients you need in the Italian cuisine
  • Join along with fellow aspiring-chefs from around the world



The length of the class is about 2 to 2,30 hours, even if the time is flexible following the requests of the participants.

homemade pasta cooking class

Before the Online Cooking Class

After your booking you will receive by email the menu, the copies of the recipes, the list of the ingredients and of the required kitchen tools. I offer my assistance to find ingredients and tools. I will send you instruction how download and install Zoom Application. I will send you the Zoom invite for our Zoom Online Cooking Class.

malloreddus homemade pasta

During the Online Cooking Class

On the agreed day and time we will meet in the Zoom Online Cooking Class and we wil cook togheter our menu; you have the opportunity to talk with me, ask questions and have real time support.

Three courses Menu from scratch
chocolate cake
  • Appetizer: Eggplants Parmigiana
  • First Course: Fresh pasta (Malloreddus) with Sausage Ragu
  • Dessert: Chocolate and pears cake
  • Appetizer: Rocciata ( salted strudel) with choose and ham
  • First Course: Fresh pasta (Tagliatelle) with asparagus
  • Dessert: Tiramisù
  • Appetizer: Panzanella salad
  • First Course: Fresh pasta (ravioli) with tomatoes sauce
  • Dessert: Crostata Cake with almonds cream and fresh fruit
  • Appetizer: Zucchini Rolls “alla Parmigiana”
  • First Course: Fresh pasta (gnocchi) with tomatoes sauce
  • Dessert: Caprese cake ( chocolate and almonds)



Buy a Ticket

The Tikets for my Online Cooking Classes are availables in the following days of the week: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10.00 AM Rome and 6.00 PM Rome.


In May I propose the Menu 1 and Menu 2 in the classes ( see below the details)

  • Menu 1 is available from  10-16 May, 24-30 May-
  • Menu 2 is available from  3-9 May, 17-23 May and 31 May.

In June and July please check the Calendar

Cost of one ticket 50 euro

The maximum number of tickets in each class is 5.

Every booking for 1 person is meant to be for 1 Zoom connection, so if you are 2 or 3 cooking at the same time in your house no problem (you can book for 1 person), but if you are more persons cooking from different households you need to book for how many households you will connect from.



Private Online Cooking Classes


If you want to reserve a Private Online Cooking Class, only for your group of frends or relatives, buy 5 tickets and contact me to discuss about the menu and the  starting time of your class. Once you make a reservation of a private class, I will contact you to create a very personalized experience.

Please complete the following steps

1 – Select the day of your online cooking class CHECK IN (are available each week on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
2 – Select the number Tickets ( person)  and click “SEE RATES”
3 –  Select starting time (6,00 PM Rome and 10,00 AM Rome)
4 –Click ” RESERVE NOW”
5 – Add YOUR DETAILS ( no passport)
6 – Add PAYMENT DETAILS ( we accept VISA and MASTERCARD) You will only be charged once your space is confirmed


The Cooking Teacher


Raffaella, your cooking teacher, is the Author of the Cookbook “Sprikle with flour: shapes of Italian pasta”.  The book is a journey into the world of fresh pasta, the food that symbolises Italian culinary culture. A journey into the history, mythology, geography and, of course, the ingredients that make up this staple. 

Since 2005, Raffaella teaches Italian cuisine in her family farm, in Perugia (Umbria, Italy). All the activities and culinary programs she offers in Italy are illustrated in the site

In her online cooking classes Raffaella shares her traditional recipes with you! She guides you through the preparation of simple but delicious Italian meals and reveals some of her culinary secrets!


Contact us

We are passionate about providing you with the best Italian online Cooking classe


Call or Watsapp: +39 3406461480



This is our third experience with Let's Cook in Umbria. The first two were at the beautiful agriturismo, and this time we were in our own home. What a wonderful idea to offer live online cooking classes! The class was really put together in an efficient and easy to understand way. Recipes and an instruction sheet with ingredients, required cooking implements, and advanced prep helped to get set up an ready. Raffa used videos and was able to start, stop, and go back to sections as needed. The videos were silent and she gave live instructions and took questions throughout the class. It is a fun way to learn Italian recipes and I highly recommend it! Let's Cook in Umbria also recently was listed as one of the top cooking schools in Italy. Grazie Mille for a wonderful experience!
Peter C
Peter C
We had a wonderful time cooking with Raffaella. We cooked a traditional four course meal from old family recipes with wine, coffee and tea. We highly recommend a cooking class with Raffaella. Had we not pre-booked elsewhere it would have been nice to stay there as well.
What an amazing experience!!! On a four generation girls trip to Italy!! Searched for a cooking class and my niece found this!! Everything start to finish was perfect!! You are welcomed like Italian family into her home, she has coffee waiting and wonderful conversation about family. The class was awesome, we all participated.... appetizer, home made pasta with thick ragu sauce, pork tenderloin and a strawberry torte. We ate this in her dining room accompanied by a bottle of her estate red wine!! What a day to remember.... my mom 78, Myself 50, my niece celebrating her 31 st birthday, my daughter 9 years old and my great niece 6 months old were all welcomed!! Beautiful, spectacular and just what we were looking for Thank you so much ♥️♥️
Ali K
Ali K
Rafaella is a great host, knowledgable, welcoming & authentic. The food you cook is fantastic traditional umbrian fare and you really are involved in every aspect of production, from base ingredients to finished article. I watched her adapt style for foodies who wanted the detail and kids who loved to chop. Every morning was great fun and the resulting lunches delicious accompanied by fantastic wine made on farm. Afternoon excursions were good value too and a great way to walk off a bigger than average lunch. Accomodation is warm and cozy. Nothing fancy but all you need. I'd love to find an excuse to go back.
We had a wonderful time doing our 3 day cooking course with Rafaella and also staying in her accomodation. The food we cooked was delicious and we had lots of fun in the classes learning all the different techniques. Rafaella was an amazing host and teacher. The accomodation we stayed in was excellent and easy to arrange transport to Perugia and other locations. What a beautiful area. It was definitely a highlight on our holiday and we were sad to leave.


Recommended by Soul Seed Media