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Raffaella Bucefalo was born in 1964 in the wonderful village of Gualdo Cattaneo in Umbria. She earned a PhD  in Geology  from the Perugia University and she began her career as a science researcher.
In 1996 she moved with her husband in  farm “La volpe e l’uva” and here she changed her life leaving the scientific research for  cooking.

Since 2005 she has run courses teaching traditional Italian cooking in her farm. All the activities and culinary programs she offers in Italy are illustrated in the site www.cookinumbria.it.

On April 2020 she published the Cookbook “Sprinkle with flour: shapes of Italian pasta”.  The book is a journey into the world of fresh pasta, the food that symbolises Italian culinary culture. A journey into the history, mythology, geography and, of course, the ingredients that make up this staple.

In her online cooking classes Raffaella shares her traditional recipes with you! She guides you through the preparation of simple but delicious Italian meals and reveals some of her culinary secrets!


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