Let's make Pasta: online cooking class every Friday from Italy
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Let’s Make Pasta


Every Friday at 11.00 PM Rome  ( it corresponds to 5.00pm Eastern / 4pm Central / 2.00pm Pacific) join our online class to learn how to do one Pasta shape and a  seasonal sauce: from the simpler (Pici) to the more difficult pasta shapes!

You can download the list of ingredients and of the kitchen tool you need, to check if you have everythings in your kitchen to participate in the class.

The Zoom invite and other details will be sent via email after your booking. Questions and general chatting will be highly encouraged.

Partipating in the Friday class you can prepare pasta for your Friday dinner or you can preserve it for one night and cook it in the weekend.

  • Duration of the class: around 1,5 Hour
  • Cost: 30 euro


  • Choose the date and buy your ticket in this page with Paypal.
  • by 24 hours you will then receive via email with the list of ingredient and equipment, copies of the recipes and the Zoom Invite.
  • Go grocery shopping to get all the ingredients.
  • Friday 11,00 PM Rome meet me Online and cook your Italian Pasta.
  • Eat your delicius disch and BUON APPETITO!



Next Pasta Classes

Friday, November 20 – 11.00pm Rome

Ravioli and Fresh tomatoes sauce


Ravioli, a dish of stuffed pasta, is a humble but important dish in Italian cooking traditions. Ravioli are one of the types of Italian fresh stuffed pasta: it is, in fact, a pasta that involves the preparation of a very thin sheet, and then that is cut into small squares to wrap the filling. We will choose a filling made of Fresh ricotta and spinach and we dress Ravioli with the traditional fresh tomatoes sauce.

If you have Pasta Machine you can use in the class, if you don’have it don’t worry you will use rolling pin and … your energy!


Ticket 30 euro


Buy your ticket with PayPal

Write the day of the class:20 November

Friday, November 27- 11.00pm Rome

Farfalle with Rucola Pesto



Farfalle Pasta

Farfalle are one of Italy’s oldest pasta shapes, dating back as far as the 16th century. Originating in Emilia-Romagna and Lombardia, farfalle were apparently created by housewives seeking a way to use dough leftover from making filled pasta. This pasta shape is called farfalle after their comparison to the shape of  butterfly became more common. The curled shape of the farfalle ensures that the pasta captures whatever sauce they are paired with. We propose to dress with Rucola Pesto (rucola salad, garlic walnut, parmisan and olive oil).


Ticket 30 euro


Buy your ticket with PayPal

Write the day of the class: 27 November

Friday, December 4 – 11.00pm Rome

Malloreddus and Sausage Ragu




Malloreddus, also known as gnocchettii sardi (sardinian gnocchi), is a typical pasta shape from the Italian island of Sardinia. This Pasta is made with semolina and water. To get the characteristic shape, Sardinians traditionally hand-rolled the pieces of dough on a round reed basket. Nowadays, most people use a small wooden board that looks like an gnocchi board. We will dress Malloreddus with a tasty  sausage ragu.


Buy your ticket with PayPal

Write the day of the class: 4 November

Friday, December 11- 11.00pm Rome

Pizzoccheri with Cabbage and Cheese




Pizzoccheri is a northern Italy buckwheat pasta. Buckwheat is an important staple in the northern parts of Lombardy, and the grain is often ground into flour for making pasta – known locally as pizzoccheri. Served with cubes of potato, wilted cabbage and melted local cheese, it is a rustic dish traditionally served in the mountain villages of the region.


Buy your ticket with PayPal

Write the day of the class: 11 December