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Bread stick and ” white Tartufella”
Green Ravioli and Black truffle sauce
Dark Perugina chocolate cake: “Torta Tenerina” from Ferrara


We will cook the long crunchy sticks of bread better known as Grissini or Italian Breadsticks. These crispy sticks make the perfect appetizer and we serve them with a special sauce made with Parmesan cheese and white truffle. Our first course is Green Ravioli ( the dough is made with spinach) filled with fresh ricotta and lemon and dressed with butter and flackes of black truffle. The cake is a recipes that enhances the flavor of the famous Italian Perugina Chocolate: the “Tenerina Cake” from the city of Ferrara. Ferrara’s pastry chefs created it in the early 1900s to honor Elena Petrovich, the queen of Montenegro and the wife of the Italian King Vittorio Emanuele III. The name of this Italian classic translates to tender cake.


Ingredients delivered ( serve 2/3 People)

  • 1kg of Italian white flour type “0”
  • 500ml of extra virgin olive oil from Umbria
  • 80 gr black truffle flackes from Umbria
  • 80 gr of “White Tartufella” (cream of cheese and truffle)
  • Dark Chocolate Perugina (300 grams)
  • Bitter Perugina cocoa (70 grams)
torta tenerina

The Authentic Italy

  • Home made Tagliolini with truffle sauce
  • Tender loin with milk, and “Tartufata” sauce (mushroom and truffle)
  • Crostata cake with fresh ricotta and Perugina chocolates bits.

The first course is Tagliolini, spaghetti made with white flour and eggs dressed with a traditional sauce made with garlic, minced truffle and and truffle flackes. The tenderloin is cooked with a creamy sauce made with milk, mushrooms and truffle. The cake is a traditional crostata filled with ricotta and bits of Italian Perugina Chocolate.

Ingredients delivered
(serve 2/3 People)

  • 1kg of Italian white flour
  • 500ml of extra virgin olive oil from Umbria
  • 80 gr  truffle flackes from Umbria
  • 80 gr of  ” Tartufella” sauce (sauce of muschroom and truffle)
  • Perugian chocolate bits
  • Bitter coco Perugina (70 grams)
tagliolini with truffle
Crostata ricotta and chocolate

Cost of the class + Ingredients


  •  1 ticket (1 device/1 Zoom connection) : 190 euro including online cooking class under the guide of Raffaella, + 1 ingredients package (serves 2 to 3 people).  Shipping rate info*.
    If you want to cook with 1 ticket for a higher number of people will prepare the Ingredients packages according with the number of people you will serve.
  • Each additional Ticket/device is 50 euro + ingredients package 70 euro + shipping rate*.


*The shipping cost to USA and Canada is about 40 euro, to Australia is about 50 euro, to Europe is about 30 euro.

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Wine from Italy for your Italian meal


I choosen for you wine from vineyards spread over 60 hectares on a wonderful hill located in the heart of Umbria between Perugia and Assisi in the famous wine area of ​​Torgiano. All the vineyard is certified organic. The Torgiano area is the first Italian DOC area.

The wine producer offers to my clients 3 wine proposals selected for their affinity with truffle and chocolate menu. The rate is promotional only for my clients!

If you are interested to join one of this proposals to your order send me request and the wine producer will contact you.


Proposal Wine n. 1


€ 42,50 + delivery cost

Wine Italy delivered

Proposal Wine n. 3


1 btl greco di reanvianca – 1btl Simon de brion

€ 117.50 + delivery cost

wines delivered Italy

Request Form: wines from Italy

Please fill out the Form and the Winery will contact you to complete the purchase.


The cost of delivery for wine is about 35 euro in Usa and 20 euro in Europe.